RIFT Open Beta Scheduled to Start Next February 15th

Trion Worlds has just announced that next February 15th, the Open Beta for RIFT will take place for a period of six days. During this phase, all MMO fans interested in trying this soon to launch game, can throw themselves into the dangerous, gorgeous and dynamic world of Telara.

Continuing with the marketing method set by Trion, this new beta phase is called “Telara the Merciless”. When you get yourself into this world, you see lots of things continuously happening, in addition to the normal MMO activity. You find yourself surrounded by invasions of all kinds, Rifts opening all of a sudden and everywhere, sending all types of monsters against Telara.

A tireless and unending horde, invaders from the planes continue their assault on Telara. The final (beta) battle is at hand and the fate of the planet depends on the courage and strength of Telara’s champions. Become one of the Ascended and fight for a world that’s on the brink of losing all hope.

Which side will you choose? Guardian, Defiant? It’s up to you. Whether you’re a PvE or a PvP player, you’ll find lots of action. Hundreds of quests, faction and planar special items, bosses, battlegrounds, story-driven missions and more, for the joy of all gamers in the  Open Beta to start next February 15th.

You’re still in time to sign for the beta, and if you want more information, visit the fantastic website of the game.

RIFT is to launch next March 1st, but you’ll be able to try it and see if you like it, as much as I do.