Rift Serves Up "River of Souls" Event Trailer

Keeping a steady pace of content reveals, Trion Worlds has released an exciting trailer covering the River of Souls event (a.k.a. Update 1.1). This in-game event is unique in that it spans the entirety of Telara; this will foster a palpable sense of urgency and camaraderie between all Ascended, and we may find that Guardians and Defiants will have to band together to put a stop to Alsbeth’s dark crusade.

The lore of this Rift event centers around the Soulstream, an ethereal river of souls that runs endlessly around the perimeter of the Plane of Death. When a soul leaves the world of the living, it travels in this river until it is ready to embrace death. Regulos has previously been able to invade the Plane of Death itself, but he was never able to tamper with the Soulstream. Until now.

[singlepic id=3429 w=580 h=326 float=center]

Aligned with Regulos, Alsbeth the Discordant has been ripping premature souls from the Stream and forcing them to wander the earth as Deathtouched minions. Now, no soul is safe from Regulos’ wicked grasp — even in death. Moreover, the gods & machines of the Ascended will be unable to tap the Soulstream for potential Ascended warriors, leading to a shortage in Telara’s most resilient defenders. Band together with your most trusted companions and face this dark time with strength of body and mind; to do any less could mean the end of Telara as we know it…

Here is some relevant lore, straight from the minds at Trion:

Alsbeth the Discordant works tirelessly at the very font of the Soulstream, sifting through its ethereal waters to handpick the souls she will corrupt for her lord. Somewhere in the River of Souls hides the shriveled spirit of King Aedraxis, whom Alsbeth yearns to return to Telara.

All of Alsbeth’s schemes and betrayals have led to the River of Souls, and she will fight with every resource available to achieve her horrid goals. Those few who have survived seeing the Bride of Regulos in battle swear that she can surround herself with an invincible barrier, and draw undead from the ground as easily as a poet summons words.

Still, if the Ascended have one chance to bring Alsbeth down and restore peace to the dead, they must enter the River of Souls, slog through the dead dust of its banks, and take on a decaying army as wyverns soar through a hollow sky above. For all the odds against the chosen, they must triumph at the River of Souls before Regulos drinks it dry.