Rift Sneak Peek of Freemarch Zone


Fresh from unveiling freebies that come with every Rift pre-order, Trion Worlds gave us a sneak peek of Freemarch, a brand-new game zone that can give the world of “The Walking Dead” a run for the title Most Zombie-infested.

Freemarch was once an idyllic pastureland but, with the opening of rifts from the planes of death and water, the undead have overrun it with disease and dark magic. Freemarch has been defiled so much that even the crypts of noble Wardens who once led the land were dug up and their spirits enslaved as an army of ghosts.

Of course you won’t stand by watching and stuffing Doritos in your mouth like it’s the latest release of Resident Evil. You’ll be asked to cleanse Freemarch of this invading filth by clearing the The Iron Tomb raid, one of the first instances available in Rift upon release.

Iron Tomb houses the last solid resistance against the undead led by the ghost of Eliam, and he’ll need you to battle three boss encounters, including a quite nasty dragonoid. If you’re not in it for the honor and glory, there’s plenty of heroic grade loot to be had. Just don’t drop group when a team member starts cracking the Tomb Raider jokes.

We also have several screenshots and concept art depicting the besieged state of Freemarch and its denizens, for those who missed the previous Rift closed beta test:

[imagebrowser id=527]

Writing this sneak peek of Rift’s Freemarch zone actually brings back memories of those human kingdoms in the Lord of the Rings trilogy who just had the misfortune of living next door to Mordor. But instead of facing savage orcs and exotic elephants, it’s waves upon waves of undead.

Rift is still accepting beta sign-ups so go enlist if you’re craving for some whack-a-mole corpse.