Rise of the Zandalari – Patch 4.1 Trailer Live

The new trailer for patch 4.1 is now live. Check it out above.

The trailer details how the Zandalari trolls, who originally asked for players help to prevent Hakkar the Soulflayer from being summoned into the world, are now rallying the troll nations under a single banner to rebuild their kingdoms and retake lands lost in recent years.

Vol’jin of the Darkspear refuses the offer, as the Darkspear are members of the Horde and do not want to see more war, especially with the threat of Deathwing and the Twilight’s Hammer evident. Players of both the Horde and Alliance will work with Vol’jin and the Darkspear to stop the Zandalari’s plans.


  1. Interesting. They gave this a really nice quality trailer almost like the did Ulduar, AQ. It seems to me maybe they have more in store for this troll related content than just the revamped instances.

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