Runes of Magic Announces Limo Desert

Frogster has recently announced the forthcoming content update for Runes of Magic, Patch 3.0.6, will bring a new zone included, called Limo Desert.

This new zone is a huge desert, inhabited by the Canine People, a dog-like biped tribe, divided into two clans. Those clans, Iron Teeth and Rotteneyes, were once allies against a common oppressor, but a present-day conflict has driven them close to a full war.

Limo Desert will offer the chance to explore nine sub-regions, a new instance and seven oasis settlements, where adventurers can get supplies and have a rest in the middle of such a hard environment. One of the interesting places is the Kingdom of Limon, where the mortal remains of war heroes rest for eternity.

Wild tribes, ancient ruins, pyramids, burial chambers and the ever present sand, will await all Runes of Magic adventurers, once the upcoming Patch 3.0.6 launches.