Sean Dahlberg Resigned from Bioware


In a sudden and shocking announcement today, Bioware‘s Sean Dahlberg has resigned as Community Leader for the much-anticipated MMO: Star Wars: The Old Republic.  As far as reasons why, none were offered in his good-natured blog post about enjoying Labor Day.

He goes on to state in his blog that while stepping away from his position at Bioware and into the great unknown, there are still things to come from Sean Dahlberg in the future.

In a cryptic paragraph before being assaulted by an image of a cat bursting out of a Dr.Pepper box at another cat, he hints at something being in the works behind the scenes.  Many an eye will be kept on our dear Mr. Dahlberg as anything that can pull you away from the imminant release of a major MMO is definitely something to look forward to.

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