First Official Blizzard Custom Map: Burning Tide (SC2)

Longing for some quality Starcraft 2 custom maps? Blizzard made a few for Starcraft and Warcraft III, and they are continuing the tradition in Starcraft 2.

Burning Tide is now available for play on Simply go to the custom game menu and you will see it as an option.

Burning Tide is similar to The Devil’s Playground mission in the Wings of Liberty campaign where players must mine from now lying areas on a volcanic planet while the lava occasionally rises and kills everything not on high ground. The first team to a specified number of resources wins. The map is designed as a 3v3 map.

It would seem like Terran have a huge advantage by being able to lift off their structures and reach difficult to mine spots with less risk. We’ll have a full report later in the week.


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