Seeking Volunteers Who Love Their MMOs

Have you ever thought about being the person on the other end of the news? The one who gets the insider view, unprecedented access to developers and the occasional free swag? If that appeals to you, we here at would love to add you to our team. A good handle of the English language is required.

We are looking for reporters of all types.

  • General Reporter – A general reporter is a jack of all trades. He or she covers incoming news and goes out and actively seeks news as well.
  • Game Reporter – A game reporter plays only one game and focuses heavily on what’s happening in that game. A game reporter would generally make a single weekly post.
  • Reviewer – A reviewer likes to play games for a month, write about it and then move on. A reviewer is highly opinionated, well-rounded in the variety of MMOs they’ve played and fair.
  • Previewer – A previewer likes playing games in beta for a couple of weeks, discovering cool and factual information about the game to give to those waiting in the wings pining for all they can find out about the game. Previewers write with few opinions and love details.
  • Interviewer – An interviewer is someone who likes to research about a game and discover what information has not yet been revealed. Interviewers get to have their questions answered directly by development teams. Interviewers enjoy learning about every MMO on the market.
  • Media Guru – A media guru lives for uploading and downloading screenshots and movies. They love seeing trailers before everyone else and writing up short blurbs about them for the people who are about to see them.
  • Aspiring Game Journalist – An aspiring game journalist does a little of this and a little of that. They are the most well-rounded writer and have desires to move forward in the games industry in some fashion.

Any of these volunteer positions sound like you? If so, email staci (at) today with a short writing sample (one paragraph) and your availability times.

We offer the opportunity to get your foot in with the industry and access to people you would never otherwise have access to. We also provide beta and retail accounts of games for reviewers and previewers.


  1. My computer specs can play any game and i go through many lists of mmo’s frequently growing tired and then reinspired by them… as long as i get the downlow on star wars close beta!

  2. Well if i had the writing ability to be a reporter than i would be glad to offer my service.

    I love playing all kind of mmo, but i put high standard on the games i play.when it comes to mmo, then i spend like 70% of my time if even more(depends on the game thou).

    However i would glady to help you guys with the betas ingame report(i love play beta, what more is it to say?) Just grant me a beta and i will gladly report/write about the experience about that game.

  3. Johannes – I would be happy to help mentor you in your writing if you would like to brush up those skills and become a reporter. I have been writing for a living for 20 years, and I have been completely reinvigorated in my love for writing, and my love for Wizard 101, since starting my column. You can reach me at youricywiz at if you’d like to team up!

  4. Interesting as i read down these comments. Think the application process is through email. Love it when people seem to neglect information

  5. I have been gaming, (both PC and RPG) for more than 20 years. Included games are:
    D & D, Gamma World, Traveller, Vampire Masquerade, Werewolf Apocolypse, Mage, Wraith, along with a few Wargames.

    I have GMed most of the games mentioned.

    And written my own storyline for a mix of the White Wolf system.

    If you feel i would fit to assist you or another, please let me know.

    Thanks for your time.

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