Lore Hound WoWcast 15: The StarCast


Juggynaut, Heartbourne, and Amatera get together to discuss the latest news in WoW. Topics covered in this week’s podcast include:

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  1. i enjoy both of the Podcasts. but you know what would be cool, if you guys did like a video podcast. maybe not every week like the audio, but once a month or something. just an idea. keep up the great work.

  2. Looks like blizz listened to this podcast. Just put up new thing about use same password for multiple things and not making password to simple ie. Password.

  3. @Vayder

    The only problem with that is that we live nowhere near each other. :)

    Otherwise, I’d love to do it. In fact, I’d love to at least be doing it in the same room. Skype is a wonderful tool, but at the end of the day, it’s not the same as talking face-to-face where we can see each others reactions and read body language and not talk over each other all the time.

    Well, and there’s better sound quality, too!

  4. Though, I do kind of think if we can all meet somewhere, say PAX or something — that should help. A once a year type of thing :P

  5. i didnt think of the distance. yeah Skype would work, but a hassle at best. a once a year thing, like a year in review would be pretty badass. break it up into a few vids, and cover just about everything thats gone down in the gaming world.

  6. This Video talk reminds me off the Project Lore vids which were great imo. (even better cause I knew where all the people did it cause I lived near there :P)

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