1. Hi, I think you have an interpretation by far too large of the decision.

    1) It’s a decision about a program with an unlimited time period agreement. As some MMORPG are linked to an agreement based on subscription, from my understanding it may only concerned games like Guild Wars and not “subscription based” MMORPG.

    2) Whenever it concerns games like Guild Wars, the decision state you can re-sell the license and even offer for download the program as you wish (as far as you are the original lawfull acquirer), but the decision never talked about information logged on the editor servers such user profile (and obviously characters, equipment, achievements and so long).
    Thinking, it will be automaticly linked to the license is really optimistic and at least not mentionned by the decision.

    3) For item selling games, it maybe another story, but once again, I guess it will depend if the sales are based on an unlimited time period agreement or not.

  2. The court case stated nothing about a subscription, it was a broad statement saying companies must allow gamers to resell their digital games. It’s irrelevant if you ask me whether the game has a subscription or not. Of course that’s my interpretation, I’m not a lawyer, but unless it specifically says “subscription games do not count”, then they must be included in this ruling.

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