End of Nations Closed Beta Begins July 20, Founder’s Edition Grants Access

News for End of Nations has been coming at us hard and fast lately and the latest bit is the juiciest of all. Trion Worlds announced today that the beta for Petroglyph Games’ F2P MMORTS will begin in a few weeks on July 20. Addressing the follow-up question immediately, players can guarantee themselves access by purchasing the Founder’s Edition bundle.

Ponying up the $29.99 for the Founder’s Edition scores players access on the start of Closed Beta testing. The first beta phase will seemingly not focus on anything specific. Players will be able to play on maps small and large with a variety of terrain, upgrade options and “a wide range of units and battle tactics” at their disposal.

The Founder’s Edition offers plenty more than guaranteed beta access. Hit the jump for all the details and a peak at the exclusive skins.Founder’s Edition perks:

  • Founders skins – “Magma” and “Motherboard” unit skins (below)
  • Exclusive “Founder” Forum title
  • An Additional  Commander Slot
  • Level 5 Starting for new Commander characters
  • A Two-month VIP Membership (subscription) granting 1,000 in-game credits, a 30% store discount, 60-game XP boost and 10-win loot boost.

It appears that characters in the open beta phase will carry over to the live game. Pre-order you Founder’s Edition from the official website.