Shadowfang Keep 1.1 – Baron Ashbury Buries the Group

As requested by many Lore Hound regulars, I’ve finally dusted off my software (is that even possible?) and now return with video guides for Cataclysm‘s Heroic Dungeons.

Starting it off, here’s my favorite: Shadowfang Keep. With a few changes to graphics, mob placement and mob type, this dungeon is all new and improved. Check out the video below for my explanation of the trash pulls up to Baron Ashbury, and the fight itself.

Read on for a written version of Baron Ashbury’s abilities.

  • Wracking Pain
  • – Inflicts 10,000 Shadow damage and increases Shadow damage taken by 20% for 2 min. Stacks.

  • Pain and Suffering
  • – Inflicts increasing Shadow damage every 0.5 sec (Needs to be interrupted if possible).

  • Asphyxiate
  • – Inflicts Shadow damage enough to bring the player down to 1 HP.

  • Stay of Execution
  • – Heals all nearby enemies for 10% and heals Baron Ashbury for 5% every 5 sec. (Needs to be interrupted after 1 tick).

  • Mend Rotten Flesh (being removed in Patch 4.06)
  • – Baron Ashbury mends his rotten flesh, healing for 25% of his total health. (Needs to be interrupted).

  • Dark Archangel Form (at 25% HP)
  • – Baron Ashbury unleashes his full power, taking the form of a Dark Archangel.

  • Calamity (In Dark Archangel Form)
  • – Brings a Calamity on all nearby enemies inflicting 4,875 to 5,125 Shadow damage every 1 sec.


  1. Nice vid man. Still say you could use a bit more…I guess enthusiasm in your voice and maybe some description of group composition. Something to avoid the instances of ‘dead air’. Other than that, EXCELLENT job of describing the fight and over all, great video.

  2. Don’t waste an interrupt cooldown on Pain and Suffering, healers can and should dispel that.

    We usually have the tank interrupt Stay of Execution as soon as he feels comfortable with his hp, and the 3 dps are in charge of interrupting Mend Rotten Flesh.

    Healers: Keep everyone at 30-40%. As soon as the boss reaches 30%, heal everyone to 90-100% and then spam AoE heals.

  3. @Highwayman

    All I can say, is I’m trying. And I’m not happy with the way it is. That day I was tired / rushed etc, and should spend more time on the audio. Overall, the videos should be getting better in quality in the next month or so.

    @Xl Nemesis Lx
    More are coming.

    Really it comes down to assigning someone to do it. Most healers I’ve encountered can heal through PaS. Thanks for clarifying on the appropriate HP range for the healers.

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