QuakeCon 2015: Shenanigans & Party Elevator

With the “20th” anniversary of QuakeCon coming to an end we wanted to take a quick look back.

Master pancake theater was in full effect featuring Jurassic Park. @elkmating, @JoelGHodgson, and @MrAndrewRosas were back but oddly missing @Owen_Egerton. They saved the best for last with Owen coming out, already heavily intoxicated, in a barney suit. The only way to give him alcohol was to shove the bottle into the mouth, which ended up causing him to get alcohol in his eyes. In the end Owen busts out of the barney suit almost completely naked wearing the Fallout 4 face mask to cover his junk.

The finals party had a bawls chugging competition featuring our friend  the magical dinosaur. I really don’t see how they can chug that much sugar that fast. I’m pretty sure I’d puke.

The BYOC area this year was #amazeballs and almost completely sold out. The game of the CON was clearly Rocket League. Everyone – and I do mean everyone – was playing most of the weekend. Our game of the week is My Dolphin Show 7.

I know QuakeCon isn’t really known for its cosplay but it seems this year was a little light. There was also zero booth babes which made me a sad panda. I guess with Bethesda taking over their fun police are cracking down.

Here are a few more pictures we took.

A big shout out to @ClanA2M, @PartyElevator and all of the volunteers for making this a year to remember.

With all the fun coming to end, we would like to leave you with one last present: a montage of our shenanigans. And remember… “ain’t no party elevator”.