Silkroad Online: Forgotten World Teaser Site Launched

Silkroad Online, the historical fantasy free to play MMORPG from Joymax, is about to get bigger and better with the announcement of the official teaser site for Legend VI: Forgotten World. The upcoming update will offer players a completely new area set in another dimension to explore, an engaging storyline, more avatars to collect as well as the new Consignment System.

The “Forgotten World” is an alternate dimension in the realm of Silkroad Online, there players will find monsters banished by God rule supreme, by vanquishing those monsters players will gain EXP and different items. Players can also earn “Talismans” by killing unique monsters or finding hidden treasures, those talismans hold the power of controlling the dimension or in other words they can be used to get really powerful items by collecting certain talismans. The monsters in the area are divided into three themed zones for different levels with dungeons in them : Togui Village (The Phantom of the Crimson Blood, levels 35-70), Flame Mountain (The Burning Abyss, levels 71-90) and Shipwreck (The Green Abyss, The Sea of Resentment, levels 91-100).

The Consignment system implemented in the update comes to replace the old “Street Vendor Network” for buying and selling which will be removed. Instead of keeping a stall open all the time the players will use the Consignment NPC to sell/buy up-to 50 items.

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Players of Silkroad Online definitely have something to wait for with this update and can meanwhile use the time to get ready for the adventure which is ahead them.

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