SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained – Arachne

My guess, Hi-Rez will modify for added sex appeal.

SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained is a new column dedicated to introducing prospective players of SMITE to its massive backstory of lore. From the Greek to Hindi, each week we’ll look at two characters from a major pantheon and provide a quick recap of their history and in what capacity their digital incarnation will represent on the field of Hi-Rez Studios upcoming MOBA.

Lore: Arachne’s history delivers a classic message to the people of Greece, “Do Not Mess With Gods.” A weaver that believed herself superior to Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, she had the audacity to tell other mortals about her prowess. Being easily offended by lesser beings as Greek gods often were, Athena organized a weaving challenge, assured she’d win due to Arachne utilizing Athena’s own knowledge as part of the her craft.

The cockiness of Ararchne was warranted, as her tapestry won the challenge. Sadly, the reward was not employment or friendship with the goddess. Her trophy was to be her own disfigurement. The target of Athena’s jealousy and rage over the magnificent tapestry, Athena destroyed the mortal’s equipment and product only to turn her insecurity to the female’s physical attributes. Slashing her face and ruining her beauty was not enough. Athena completed her vengeance by transforming Arachne’s body to that of a spider.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

In-Game: Those afflicted by arachnophobia may be affected at ranged, but Arachne is truly dangerous up close and personal. A very unique character to SMITE, Arachne can unleash non-controllable minions and happens to be one of SMITE’s jungle-capable gods.

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