Smite World Championship: COG Prime vs. Red?

Being down here in Atlanta for the Smite World Championship with Lore Hound has been rousing! A lot of interesting things are happening right now at Hi-Rez Studios and even more concerning the implications of their Xbox One reveal of Smite on the gaming and eSports scenes, however, that is for another – promptly posted – article.

As anyone may be sure, every team on the show-floor and playing today were exceptional, and there are many action-packed, juicy moments that Patrick has shared, but none of the tension, pressure and anticipation hold a candle to tomorrow’s potential for a rematch of COG Prime vs. COG Red. For those of you that didn’t tune in during the Smite North American Championship, in a surprising win by COG Red, the respective child-team of the almighty COG Prime won in a best of three match. The crowds, the fans, the onlookers, everyone was surprised and exhilarated. Now, here in Atlanta again, the Smite World Championships are shaping up, and guess what teams have a potential match-up tomorrow?

Both Prime and Red won their first matches in a brutal victories against 404 Name not Found (20 to 1) and DID (25 to 1). With that momentum Prime moved on and won their game against Titan, however, Red lost a very close game against SK-Gaming, knocking COG Prime up to the semi-finalist two bracket and the COG Red down to the quarter-finalist two bracket, and while a loss might hurt Red’s morale they are now up against OMG. OMG did well for a newer team in a country where they have only recently had access for the game, dealing with hindrances that might even stop other teams in their tracks, but despite their quickly attained prowess it’s safe to say that Red’s experience will further solidify their potential for moving up, into the heated, exciting and much anticipated match…. Make sure to tune into Lore Hound – twitter and site – tomorrow to get the back-to-back in vivid violent detail and the results. So, without further ado, get hype for COG Red vs. COG Prime!


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