SOE Reveals Foreboding DC Universe: Online Cinematic

Well, it looks like Lex Luthor is at it again. The DC Universe: Online cinematics have been pretty impressive, if I don’t say so myself, and SOE’s newest offering puts a darker twist on the events surrounding Batman and Luthor. The voice acting isn’t Mass Effect quality, but it’s certainly compelling and believable nonetheless. The new trailer will certainly get prospective buyers more excited to jump into this action-packed, lore steeped world. I mean universe. Wait, what are Batman and Luthor doing together? I need to go back and rewatch this video at once!

The scene is set in an underground ice cave where Luthor and his accomplice, Fracture, dodge falling glacial shards as they rush to escape the inevitable onslaught of Brainiac’s forces. As the pair close in on their destination – an unstable time portal – Fracture is confronted by an elemental construct that has broken through the ice. Luthor approaches the portal, which is being prepared by a horribly disfigured Batman, just as more enemy forces crash into the chamber. Something isn’t right, here. Check out the DC Universe: Online video above to see what happens next…


  1. These videos and storyline are absolutely amazing. Im seriously thinking about getting the game just to see what happens. Cant wait for more videos like this.

  2. Yeah, the videos are so good. Lee is awesome.
    The game is fun, though I believe the key is if the dev team will bring the monthly updates they’ve promised.
    BTW, this is nothing like other MMOs we are used to.

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