Sony Online Entertainment Discounting DCUO, EQII & EQ Subscriptions Starting July 18

Perhaps SOE is attempting to compete with the Steam Summer Sale. Who knows, and honestly, who cares?! We’re getting our favorite games at awesome discounts all over the place! Starting July 18 at 3:00 AM EST (*yawn*) players will be able to snatch up any subscriptions for DC Universe Online (PC only), EverQuest II and EverQuest for 25% off. Yes, DCUO is F2P, but like many F2P games, it still offers a subscription option.

The promotion has the typical SOE caveat. Players must actually upgrade their current status to receive the discount. This means that free players need to become subscription players. No problem. It also means that a current month-to-month subscriber will need to purchase a multi-month option. Those already at that level need to increase their multi-month package to a longer agreement. At least you save more and more the higher you go up.

The deal ends at 2:59 PM EST on July 24, so be sure to get in before the lock.

Long story short, upgrade or you don’t get a discount of any kind. What is it with SOE and odd requirements?