Star Trek Online Architect Browser Game

Atari announced today the release of a browser game by the name of Star Trek Online Architect. This is, of course, attached to the MMORPG Star Trek Online by Cryptic Studios. Architect has been developed by the Game Agency, and features a simple “build your ship” menu-based design mode in which players can mix and match parts to create the ship of their dreams before it sharing it with their friends. In addition to this, there is actually a mini-game mode called Ship Shaper (note the terrible pun) in which you can take the role of a Shipyard Engineer who has apparently been left completely alone with the entirety of Starfleet’s ship orders sitting on their desk. You are tasked with assembling ships correctly as quickly as you can, and can then post the score on Facebook.

As a final temptation to check STO Architect out, Intel is sponsoring a sweepstakes giveaway, in which it is possible to win copies of STO, Intel Core i7 processors and even a Star Trek: The Original Series Classic Captain’s Chair Replica. If you want your shot at getting your hands on Kirk’s chair, make your way to the STO Architect site, sign up and maybe even build some ships.

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