Star Trek Online Enters Ninth Season with ‘A New Accord’ (Video)

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios continue to drive the storyline of the Star Trek universe in new directions with the latest content patch for Star Trek Online. The ninth major content patch recently went live for the free-to-play title. A New Accord continues the story from the previous episode, A Step Between Stars, and sees the return of Star Trek regular Tim Russ, who played Lieutenant Commander Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager.

Other content changes and updates include:

  • An Undine reputation system featuring new gear

  • Undine Queued Events, including a pair of Space events and a Ground Event

  • Undine Persistent Battlezone in the Solonae Dyson Sphere

  • Redesigned Undine Ground and Space art designs

  • Increased player customization options for a game chock full of them

  • Remastered Undine/Borg Story Arc Missions

Hit the cut for the Season 9: A New Accord trailer and the latest stills from the Star Trek universe. And if you’re a huge Trekkie, be sure to check out the just-announced Star Trek Timelines.