Star Trek Online Going Free-to-Play

During an investor¬†Q&A¬†session, Perfect World Entertainment’s CEO Michael Chi and CFO Kelvin Lau revealed that Star Trek Online would be going free-to-play by the end of 2011.

Star Trek Online, after the acquisition, in fact Cryptic is working on the free-to-play model for Star Trek Online. This is going to be launched by the end of this year as well. So I think free-to-play model we have a bigger potential in US market and also in China market.

Not a big surprise, but certainly a major announcement. Since Perfect World Entertainment bought Cryptic Studios earlier this year, everyone assumed eventually Cryptic’s MMORPGs would move over to the F2P business model, and shortly after the acquisition, Champions Online did make the switch. Star Trek Online took a little longer, but not it is officially a F2P MMORPG.

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