Age of Conan Crafting System Revamp Coming in 2012

Today Funcom released its monthly developers updated for August which mentions various subjects such as the recent release of The Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack and other upcoming projects still planned for 2011. All future projects planned for 2011 have already been announced such as the PVP world bosses, the massive House of Crom dungeon and the final encounters of the Tier four raid cycle, but Funcom went further giving us a hint as what is to come in 2012 for Age of Conan.

Although no details have been given, Funcom did announce there will be a new adventure pack in the first half of 2012.

They also announced that work has already started “on a revamp of the tradeskill system that exists in the game“. ┬áThe crafting system will be completely redone with a new design which Funcom hopes will “invigorate” the crafting community within Age of Conan. More details will be revealed towards the end of the year, but the new system should be in place sometime in the first half of 2012, if things go as planned.

We didn’t want to try and band aid the existing system, so this is more of a substantial update that will hopefully integrate a deeper, more involving system for people to enjoy.

Good news for those players who enjoy crafting.