StarCraft Universe Releases Single Player Open Beta Trailer

I actually have heard and somewhat followed (through MMO-Champion’s news postings) this project for a long time now. It started as a small April Fool’s joke awhile back, and has now gone full blown into a serious development cycle.

I feel very in tune with the developer company, named Upheaval Arts, as this project is very much akin to the Amalos project I’m working on.

Here’s the description of the project from Upheaval Arts on YouTube, and the trailer.

For the last two years we’ve been developing a project known as ‘StarCraft Universe’, an MMO-Style RPG Mod for StarCraft II.

We’re excited to release the single-player Prologue of our game designed to introduce you to our story, and teach you how to play!

StarCraft Universe takes place in an alternate timeline, 11 years after the events which transpire in the ‘In Utter Darkness scenario of the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign. It’s our vision of how the universe may have been for any survivors of the hybrid onslaught which ensued, had Kerrigan died.

If you’re curious why we’re only releasing the single-player content, it’s because we need to release this project slowly to ensure all of our core systems work properly. This project is a massive undertaking, which completely alters the way the SC2 engine operates, and we’re a very small team without a big QA department. YOU guys will be our quality assurance!

Multiplayer content has been in development for a while now, and we hope to bring you some in a few months if this release runs smoothly.

Here’s the info on Upheaval Arts themselves, and how you can follow & help the project:

6 months ago, I formed a company around the project known as ‘Upheaval Arts’. Originally, we’d hoped to sustain our projects using the Blizzard Arcade, but with the monetization elements of the Arcade still in the works by Blizzard, we’re still forging ahead with the development of StarCraft Universe. While we maintain a lean and efficient operation (I run this thing out of my Dad’s basement), we’ve reached a point where we need funding to continue the project.

These reasons are why I’m now coming to the fanbase, asking for help. I didn’t want to ask for anything until we proved that we could make this.

So please, play our Prologue, enjoy yourself, and if you believe we have what it takes to make this game happen and have the extra cash, support us by donating at We want to make this game a reality!

And if mods like this for popular games interest you, make sure to check out Amalos on both Kickstarter, and its website to help me out as well!