Neverwinter Begins Introducing Mobs Starting with Orcs

Dubbed the first ‘critter video’ for Neverwinter, Perfect World Entertainment has unveiled the fearsome bands of orcs that will hope to behead, disembowel and bloodlet any hero on the other end of their weapon. If you haven’t pieced it together by now, the orcs aren’t big fans of the humans, elves or dwarfs that roam Cryptic Studios upcoming action-oriented MMORPG.

The orc hordes claim the northern area of the old Tower District, securing the Cloak Tower as their base of operations. Players will need all their wits about them to dispatch the bands and secure another section of Neverwinter.

Check out the critter reveal and a gallery of snazzy blue-skinned screenshots after the cut. The trailer comes with a mix of  environments, concept art, cinematics and raw gameplay.