Steel Crusade Set to Eradicate Champions Online

CO_SteelCrusade_RoboPunch There be some busy bees buzzing around at Cryptic Studios. The developer announced a new content patch for its original free-to-play title Champions Online. Partnered with the upcoming second expansion for Star Trek Online and the August 14 release (hey, that’s tomorrow!) of Tyranny of Dragons module for Neverwinter the Perfect World Entertainment subsidiary has not taken the summer off in any sense.

The Steel Crusade update brings the superheros of Millennium City face-to-unique-face with Mechanon, a robot supervillain that believes sentient life is best when made out of cold, heartless steel. Players will have to explore new areas, snuff out a nanobot virus and crusade Mechanon’s satellite fortress to save the world.

Three new instances, a new mission hub dubbed with a ridiculous NASA-worthy acronym of UNTIL (United Nations Tribunal on International Law) and a new archetype are a part of Steel Crusade. Additional Mechanon-focused content will follow the September 4 launch of Steel Crusade in time with the fifth anniversary in late September.

We’re hopefully be getting some hands on of Steel Crusade at PAX Prime later this month. Until then the screenshots after the cut will have to hold you over.