SWTOR Account Game-Code Issues

It seems BioWare is having some account issues one day after the grace period has ended. I had redeemed my game-code about three days ago and when I tried to login today I got an message from the launcher stating that my account has “no active subscription”.  So I went and logged into the website to double check and it tells me I have 27 days left of game-time.

I ended up sending a ticket to BioWare asking them to correct this mistake, however as I’m sure they’re busy and I probably won’t get a reply for a day or two, which means I’m locked out. I certainly hope they add a few extra days to my account if that turns out to be the case.

Is this just me, anyone else locked out?

It seems BioWare is requiring players to buy a second 30 day time-card in order to get the first 30 days for free or you have to enter your credit card information and setup a subscription. You can obviously just cancel the subscription right after if you just want the 30 free days.

I know other companies do similar things, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s complete BS in my opinion and it’s no different with BioWare and SWTOR.


  1. Seriously? You went as far as getting a pointless screenshot that just proves how clueless you are. LOL

    Subscription MMORPG requiring an active subscription to play IMAGINE THAT!

  2. Image if subscription MMORPGs actually gave buyers a 30 day free trial, as they advertise, without requiring more info or the purchase of a 2nd game-code. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  3. Sensational journalism at its finest. It runs rampant all over the internet.

    How about changing your misleading title now?

  4. Rofl i have spent over 9 flipping hrs on the phone…even asked for my money back and all they said that would probably be a longer process………………ROFL WTF bio

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