SWTOR Hutta Datacron Location Guide

Datacrons are special items found within Star Wars: The Old Republic that reward players with permanent stat boosts and items when found, but they’re a pain in the ass to find. So today we release our first Datacron location guide starting with the planet Hutta.

Hutta is a starting planet for players level 1-10 and contains three datacrons listed below.

  • Blue Matrix Shard X: -22, Y: 319
  • Presence +2 X: 497, Y: -13
  • Aim +2 X: -96, Y: 861

However location points can be deceiving as most of the time the datacrons are in some hidden or hard to get to location. Below we have a video guide to show you exactly how to obtain the 3 datacrons. More datacron guides will be release soon so check back often.

I accidentally labeled the 1st and 3rd parts wrong in the video. The first part of the video is the Blue Matrix and the third is Aim.  The locations in the video are correct and the correct order is as shown above.