SWTOR Alderaan Datacron Location Guide

Welcome to my first SWTOR datacron guide at LoreHound, but the seventh one in the series. The other six were posted on MMOCrunch.com, which are now also available here on LoreHound.

This datacron location guide is for Alderaan, and will show you how to obtain all 5 datacrons there. Below are the exact coordinate locations, and the video guide below will visually direct you to each location.

Presence +3 X: -82, Y: -268
Willpower +3 X: -2508, Y: -427
Endurance +3 X: 2721, Y: 2496  **
Aim +4 X: 1107, Y: 80
Strength +4 X: 2190, Y: -2019 **

I starred both Endurance and Strength because both of those require an item that you need to purchase from a vendor before you can get the datacron. The vendor can be found at X: 1869 Y: 1091.

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