SWTOR Balmorra Empire Datacron Location Guide

Welcome to our third Star Wars: The Old Republic datacons guide, this time we reveal the locations at Balmorra for the Empire. For those of you who don’t know what datacrons are, they’re items and permanent stat boost for your character. Since they are hard to find and get to, we here at MMOCrunch decided to create some video guides to make it easier on you.

  • Aim +2 X: -1017, Y: 1514
  • Cunning +2 X: 1853, Y: 111
  • Green Matrix Shard X: -505, Y: 1990
    This one required two players to get as you have to activate two computer terminals across a room at the same time
  • Strength +2 X: 727, Y: 2033
  • Willpower +2 X: 191, Y: -346
    While finding the box is pretty easy, opening it is another matter. To do that, you have to buy a key from a vendor which is marked on the map below. It cost 5000 credits, so make sure you have the cash first. There is also a second lockbox at the vendor with a key that cost 8000 credits and contains 2 Reconfiguration Disassembler Cores (purple). These cores can be used to disassemble the  Matrix Cube that you can create out of the Matrix Shards you’re collecting.

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Below you can find the datacron guide for Balmorra as Empire. More guides coming soon.

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  1. Nice game champ (mike)! I never played this game but now I can’t stop myself to play, thanks for the additional info….it would be easy to find the games and its requirement.

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