SWTOR Becomes the Fastest Growing Subscription MMO Ever

EA announced today that Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially become the fastest growing subscription MMO in history, with over one million players registering since the Dec 20th launch.  EA also released some other stats which are listed below.

  • Logged 28 million in-game hours – roughly equivalent to watching all sixStar Wars movies, two million times
  • Averaged well over five hours a day playing the game
  • Created more than 3.8 million characters; 510,000 Jedi Knights and 550,000 Sith Warriors
  • Killed more than two billion non-player characters in the eight days since Early Game Access began

The third stat is pretty interesting and reveals something about players class choice . The stat tells us that out of the 3.8 million characters, about 28% are Jedi Knights or Sith Warriors, slightly more than the 25% if we were to divide the classes evenly. I’d be interested to see the numbers for the remains 6 classes especially the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler classes.


  1. Come on Mike (article writer), get your facts straight…

    1/2 half of players are jedi knights or sith warriors, not Jedi or Sith! There is another jedi class, the jedi conselor, and there is another sith, the Sith inquisitor. Please fix your article to reflect the correct stats and percentages. You are missing half the picture (at least.)

  2. Im still Umming and Aaahing,

    Everything ive seen looks like the wow clone, but ive got freinds who are huge fanbois who have bought this and are defecting saying its the best thing since sliced bread.

    Expected Mike here to be critical & hate it — he says its pretty good.

    Hmmmm – as shakespear once said “to buy or not to buy that is the question……”.

    Who am I kidding …… I know eventually im gonna succumb and go see for myself *sigh*

  3. @Xaras yes your absolutely right, in my haste to write the article I took “warrior” as a general term to mean all Jedi and Sith classes. The article has been updated

  4. I thought the same thing when i saw screenshots and video gameplay. I didnt give the videos enough chance tho cuz when i saw the way it played i was just like ugh im already done with WoW.

    Then i got into the beta and it blew my mind. It looks the same but it certainly has a whole new feel to it and the combat is far more fast paced.

    After getting to level 20 i did find myself getting bored again but it is definitely different enough from the rest of the mmorpg’s.

  5. *BARFS IN BAG*..ok, this puke in the bag represents the fast and fluid subscription users. Now,as you can see, eventually, someones going to find a smelly bag of vomit, to be a horrible thing to have in the middle of the room. So, it will be thrown out soon.

  6. LOL – a “WOW clone”

    As if WOW is not an EQ clone! As all MMO’s are cloning Everquest, lets just be clear that all MMO’s are copies of previous attempts and include improvements over previous efforts. The voice acting and choose your own adventure flavor of SWTOR makes it stand out. Also the combat looks and feels fresh and fun. Pointing out the differences seems more constructive than yelping “WOW clone” in the distance.

  7. You clone guys make me laugh. First of all EQ wasn’t even close to the first MMO. TEN’s Dark Sun and Meridian 59 back in 96. Hell EQ isn’t even the oldest graphical MMO still up. Ultima Online Sept 97 18 months before EQ in March 99 and is still going strong. That isn’t taking into account muds and bbs games before them.
    If that didn’t make you look like enough of an idiot. If you understood what original thought was. You realize that every new idea is just a twist or the combination of old ideas. It’s basic understanding of logic. You can’t create something out of nothing it had to have it’s foundations in something old.

    Well I do enjoy SW:ToR. It has some good aspects and some bad aspect. It has the bug that any mmo launch has. It’s UI is probably the worst I have ever played. But it has one thing that I have seen in an MMO since UO and first 20 levels of Age of Conan immersion. You actually can get into the game. It’s closer to a single player game than WoW and EQ(which both I cancelled in the first month for being boring grind fest).
    And for the “clone” people yes it takes aspects from other MMO but it is honestly the first Story drive MMO that is story drive from beginning to end that I have played.

    To sum up if you like Bioware games or you enjoy Star Wars and don’t flip out when you find a bug in a game. You should enjoy it. If you want to complain and call everything a clone and say how boring it is. It will appear to be a clone and be boring but so will every other game you play. I hope you have fun with that.

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