SWTOR: Designing the Light Side

Time passes and Star Wars: The Old Republic continues feeding our need for news about the game. Last summer I saw a video showcasing group combat action, but was a bit disappointing to me. Bioware has promised to make a different game and what I saw in that video, was nothing we couldn’t find in almost every MMO in the market.

This time, the feeling is different, having the opportunity to see how the devs give their best to try and make the Jedi, the amazing class it should be. The Jedi Counselor could be one of the most interesting classes to play in SWTOR. Watch the video to know what I’m talking about.


  1. That is cool as hell, I really liked the section of the video about the armour and the displays of the lightsaber combat. The fact that the fighting is mostly parrying and just sort of dueling with the lightsaber and then when the npc is almost dead, the sword makes contact and they die is really appealing. I was wondering how they would make the lightsaber as deadly as in the movies but still not make it overpowered.

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