SWTOR Early-Access Officially Launches

What many people, or maybe just bloggers, are calling Star Wars: The Old Republic day is finally here as early-access has officially launched. All invitations will be sent via email, so if you pre-ordered a copy and want to see if you were invited to today’s early access, make sure to check it including your junk mail. It’d be a shame to miss out on early access if your invite was sitting in your spam folder.

Anyway, I didn’t get mine yet, even though I caved and pre-ordered it a few month ago. I’ll probably get in on the 15th or 16th, so I have a few more days of waiting ahead of me. While I did get an invite to the closed beta in the last two weekends of testing, I didn’t actually have the time to log-in, so I’m still a SWTOR virgin.

As BioWare has announced, early access is entirely dependent on how early you ordered and redeemed your early access code.

See you in cantina.