Lore Cast Season 1 Opening, Episode 1: We’re Not Dead!

Here’s our new Live Cast format: Lore Cast! Below is the video to begin season 1, and it’s a doozy. It’s almost 30 minutes long, so be ready for such a long episode. There’s plenty to keep you glued. Most of our Monday episodes will be around this length. Come back Wednesday for Episode 2: Enunciate!

You can check below the video for the text version of today’s episode topic agenda.


World of Warcraft:

Star Wars: The Old Republic:

Lord of the Rings Online:

Fallen Earth:

  • Fallen Earth Free-to-play transition complete, gameplay has seemed to return to normal


  • The MMOs we’re looking at for 2012

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  1. Good to see you all haven’t gone and perished on us.

    I really only wanted to comment on the fact that your audio does not match your video. I hear you say something, but then I watch your mouth move and it’s a couple seconds behind. Not a big deal, but just something I thought I’d point out.

    If you guys show up in SW:TOR, I recommend rolling on the server “Helm of Graush”. It’s a pvp server that my guild was ported to. If you go sith, feel free to look us up. If you are Republic, you’d best hide. >:D

    Revan’s Legacy (RL in game) will strive to own the server (or at least the battlefields).

    Heck, if you want to know more, drop by our website.


    You might just be surprised.

    ~Faeryl, Sith Assassin-in-training and unofficial spokesperson for the guild.

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