SWToR Reveals New Playable Races

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Up until this point, BioWare has been keeping radio silence regarding playable races in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our prayers have been answered, and today they decided to shed some light on 4 exciting races and their innate attunements. I’m sure you’re all dying to know which races BioWare has seen fit to include at this point. So, without further ado, here is my understanding of each race.

For the passionate, bloodthirsty warrior in all of us, the Sith Pureblood has been announced as a playable race. The original red-skinned Sith race is unrelenting and merciless in their conquest of the galaxy and Force itself. Descend from such ancestors as Marka Ragnos and Naga Sadow and know that their power lives on through you. Demoralize and intimidate foes on the battlefield with your imposing presence and aggressive tactics.

The Mirulaka, a race that hails from a planet of complete darkness, have evolved to interpret their surroundings through the Force. Such innate comprehension of the Force allows the Mirulaka potent powers and abilities that other races cannot understand. The Mirulaka wear veils and blindfolds to cover their degenerated eye sockets.

Known for their astuteness and patience, the mystical Mirialans hone their Force powers to such a point as to surpass direct combat and manipulate the battlefield through sheer mental force. One can identify a Mirialan by their green skin and elaborate face tattoos. It has also been said that Mirialans excel as Jedi Consulars and Republic leaders.

If you’ve ever wanted to play as Darth Maul from Episode 1, now is your chance. The Zabraks make a threatening opponent on the battlefield, and for good reason. Standing at the feet of the Sith Empire as slaves and servants, the Zabrak have learned to remain stoic while fostering their passion into a blistering ferocity that propels them to dominate any who stand before them. The Zabrak are vicious and self-reliant, with red facial tattoos and short curved horns. Certainly not something you’d want charging at you on the front lines.

In closing, BioWare stresses that the list is not nearly complete, and promises to update information on these races at regular intervals. Keep an eye on the holorecords here.


  1. I am wondering if what race you play will determine how good you are at certain skills. I understand that certain races can only play some classes but will it have a effect on skills and attributes?

  2. if i had to guess i would say that a human (or at least human looking) class would be the average right down the middle choice, and that other races would have certain traits and bonuses but negatives in other areas… for instance a muralaka may get a large bonus to force sensitivity but may get a drawback in over all strength (due to a frail physique) or prehaps a detail weakness like unable to read which plays a part in the storyline, which may hinder you but not overly so, or at least not every mission. so to answer jonny’s question… i would say that yes they are effected (as race skills could come into play) but by how much is unknown

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