Star Trek Online Wants You Inside It

Juggynaut wasn’t the only person to drop Star Trek Online like a bad habit.  Numerous players fled from the game once it came time to pony up for subscription.  Lack of content was cited by most players as the cause of the mass exodus.  Like Global Agenda, STO has had time to mature.  Cryptic Studios has fixed numerous problems, tweaked gameplay mechanics, raised the level cap and above all else, added content.  Lots of content.  Two seasons of content.

To entice you back into the Federation’s (or Klingon’s) fold, Cryptic Studios is offering a free weekend of play to any account holder as part of its Welcome Back Weekend.  From now until Monday, players can login to STO with no restrictions and check out the new Klingon content, advance to the new level cap, play some diplomacy missions or lose oneself in some minigames.

Go check it out.  After all, you did pay $50 for the game, you might as well play the new content while you can.


  1. lol, I made the mistake. even played the beta.
    It was great till I hit lvl cap and found out there was no endgame and the extra content was team only and i couldnt do any solo.
    Space battles were good, but ground combat? my god, I havent seen stuff that bad since.. since.. I dont know when.

    I like to try a lot of the new MMO’s out there, and am a Trek fan (not trekkie, or trekker, just fan). So, was REALLY looking forward to this. But it couldnt hold my attention as long as something like Warhammer or even Conan did. Shoddy design, using an old engine doesn not a good game make.

    I know a few people who still play though, but their reasons for still being there are along the lines of ‘when they sort this out, and when they add this or fix that, then it’ll be better’. But what with Craig Zinkievich leaving Cryptic, I felt this was a little bit of ‘flee the sinking ship!!’

    Ahh well, you live and learn :)

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