SWTOR: Voidstar Warzone Trailer

We’ve see the trailers for the Huttball and Alderaan PvP Warzones and today BioWare released the trailer to the final Warzone  that will be available at launch, the Voidstar .

The Voidstar is an abandoned Imperial Battle Cruiser that disappeared during the Great War and was believed to contain the schematics to a power weapon. Not that it’s been rediscovered, floating around the depths of space, both the Empire and the Republic are racing to uncover the secrets that are stored in its memory banks, but to do so they must first take control of the ship.

Now that all three trailers have been released for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzones, BioWare also launched a new Warzones page where players can learn more about each of the different zones.

Below you can view the new Voidstar Warzone trailer. Enjoy.


  1. Gotta agree with buttlord on this one, still nothing new or exciting – As a subscription based game I dont think it has enough going for it to drag enough players away from their current subscription based games. Ive said it before ill say it again – its more of the same old meh!

    Like LOTR and D&D Online it looks like it will be an ok game in an already saturated market and to survive will probably have to go F2P to attract a decent playerbase.

    Most people can only afford time and money on one subscription based game, and it takes something special to drag them away from what they have already invested sh*t loads of time and money into. Guild Wars 2 has the right idea, by offering Pay for the game, play for free it bucks the norm & deosn’t force us to have to make a choice and as such pretty much guarantees it gets a decent audience. Subscription games now are going to struggle if they are less than exceptional – this one seems to be less than exceptional.

  2. Go die, Asslord. You too, Xaras.

    I know you two from the WoW forums. We all know you’re both helpless trolls with nothing better to do.

    I also know both of you are helplessly cheap(Xaras more than Butthole), too cheap to even pay for Blizzard WoW and stink up the private servers.

    Guild Wars 2 doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It has no immersive narative, no 30+ years of lore and fanbase behind it, nothing new or exciting. If I wanted a game full of random events I would have stuck with Rift.

    Guild Wars 2 will only do well in the MMO world because it’s B2P(buy to pay). SWTOR will excel with it’s P2P subscription because it’s WORTH playing. I, as well as over 2-3+ million others(that’s just counting the people worldwide who preordered) will gladly cut Burger King or Duncan Donuts from our menu for a week for $15 to play an epic MMORPG that will last for many years to come.

    Your poor excuse falls flat, Fatboys. Maybe that $15 not spent stuffing your fat faces will pay off!

  3. Ashlotte;

    Let’s start with SWTOR. If buy 30+ of lore, you mean the additional stuff they’ve been adding to keep things like “The Clone Wars” tv series alive, then yes, they do have plenty of lore. They also have a huge fanbase that dwindles a little each time Lucas remasters a classic star wars film, or throws in another piece of media that ‘goes in-between the films’. Next would be my question of what does SWTOR bring that’s new? Starships, lightsabers or the force? We could easily say re-skinned mounts, swords and magic. I’ve personally seen nothing new in gameplay, but if you can prove me wrong, please do, because I love content worth paying for.
    That’s my major reason for liking Guild Wars 2, not because it’s B2P, but because I see advances in the genre. It seems to combine the best features of a fantasy rpg, the personal story line, a sense of worth for your character, and unique and customized skins, along with the best parts of an mmo, player co-operation, a giant world, and standard pvp (World versus World seems like server versus server to me). The Dynamic Quest system looks like RIFT, but with a purpose, and the chain dynamic events that lead into each other give it that sense of worth RIFT doesn’t have. Also the whole no healer thing interests me. So if nothing else, Guild Wars 2 to me seems better because it’s trying something new, and while the dynamic events and no healer might be a terrible idea, I’m going to try it. It’s much better to give something that takes a risk a chance, then to sit back behind a keyboard and rant about something you have no idea about.

  4. I have to agree with Ashlotte on this one.

    guild wars 2 will be just like guild wars 1, over hyped and will be popular for a bit then the population will die off.

    The way I see it starwars doesent have any real competition. It already has a giant fanbase and most wow players will play both swotr and wow games. GW however has wow to compete with in the mmo world and to be honest will fail.

  5. To beat a juggernaut like WoW, you need something more than a flashy game. SWTOR has a huge fan base from the movies and several generations of followers hanging out to play this game. As long as Lucas arts maintain their level of quality in lore, this game could stand up to the current king.

  6. PvP is an afterthought to this game. Bioware concentrated on the massive storyline first, then brought in some people from Warhammer online to help them with the rvr. So if you like SW and pve your good, but if you don’t like SW or pve don’t bother.

  7. SW does have lots of lore and a huge fanbase, but when it comes to the wallet people are always going to think twice about paying for an additional monthly payment.

    They are asking people to pay an additional subscription or to abandon what for some people is a 5 or 6 year investment of time and hundreds of pounds in their current characters in other games.

    I cannot afford to have multiple monthly subs, maybe i am the only person in that boat – however I think thats very unlikely.

    Asslotte GW may or may not offer anything majorly new but my arguement is that its B2P model allows people to keep their subscriptions in other games with only an initial outlay and no further costs … it gives it an advantage over most subscription based MMORPGs starting up at the same time.

    Not all SW fans are going to buy it on the merit of just its lore and brand alone – the videos & previews are ok but not fantastic, and with monthly subs to boot so far it hasnt done much to attract this SW fan.

  8. If you really think that GW2 doesn’t bring anything new you don’t know what you are talking about, as for SWTOR its just to similar to WoW to make their players quit and go to a new game. I played WoW and still play GW1, GW1 has little to do with GW2 aside from the lore. In the end only SW fans will play this game the rest will play it fro a couple of months and quit.

  9. I think that it is truly hilariouse that the arguments for SW:TOR are:
    “SWTOR will excel with it’s P2P subscription because it’s WORTH playing.”
    “The way I see it starwars doesent have any real competition. It already has a giant fanbase and most wow players will play both swotr and wow games.”
    “SWTOR has a huge fan base from the movies and several generations of followers hanging out to play this game.”

    oh and lets not forget this gem…
    “Go die, Asslord. You too, Xaras.”

    You guys brought up a lot of good points about SW:TORs…. ummm… fanbase… but how about the actual game? anything good about that? WoW Clone in space with a great story thats been told over and over and over… thats fine… you all can stick witht he game that fits your personalities… old and busted…. now on to the new hottness…

    GW2’s Popularity is going to come from is B2P priceing model AND the fact that is goind to be an amazing game! Arenanet has finally done what so many other developers have been afraid to do, they have bucked convention are are going to change the entire genre for the better going into the future. WoW clones are designed with a grind in order to keep you playing for hours on end just to get something accomplished. You work and work and work just so you can finally have some fun in the game. Arent games supposed to be fun? Not to be a second job. GW2 is designed so that from the moment you log on to the moment you log off you are PLAYING THE GAME and having fun.
    GW2 has eliminated quests and replaced them with dynamic events that can be in different stages or be completely different events every time you come through a zone inherintly keeping the game fresh for replayability. These dynamic events are way beyond what Rift tried to do. In Rift all of the rifts and invasions started to seem the same, no matter what zone you were in or what type of rift it was. The dynamic events in GW2 will be different scenarios with different enemies and different outcomes and they will actually have an effect on world events for every player in the game.
    The personal story system in GW2 is immersive and is based on solid lore and it is my opinion that it can compete with the only thing (besides fan base) that SW:TOR has going for it, its over used story.
    For those of you who beleive that GW2 is a straight GW1 sequel you are dead wrong, and if you had given GW2 the time of day and looked into it before commenting you would have know this. The only real connection between the two games is the lore. GW2 is not going to be heavily instanced like the original, it will an open persistant living world. Also the combat system is going to be very dynamic and will rquire players to actually develope some skill and learn thier profession (class) instead of just haveing to stand in place and memorize some roation.
    GW2 has done away with the holy trinity (tank, healer, dps) and has really brought teamwork to the forefront of group play. Every player can choose the profession that interests them the most and be able to choose the play style that interests or suites them the most. This also makes it easier for players to enjoy group content quicker.
    I am not even into PVP but GW2 WvWvW system is going to to be epic large scale battles where skill and teamwork matter over who has the best gear, and you will be fighting for the pride of your entire server isntead of jsut for personal reward.
    Oh yea… and have you seen The shatterer?
    There is really so much more to this game that i havent even touched on but this post is getting a bit long.
    All of you who obviously have no clue about what GW2 is and what its all about, pleae do yourself a huge favor and check it out.

    Please Retort… with exclusion to “Grashopa, you dumb, go die, Gearge Lucas RULZ!”

  10. I couldn’t agree more with Grashopa.

    I love all the GW2 bashing without even knowing anything about the game. GW2 will become the new standard of comparing future games to and if you don’t know why then I suggest you read up on the game.

  11. Just to reiterate — I don’t know that GW2 is going to be good (although from what Ive seen it does look like it should be), and I dont know that SW is going to be meh (although from what ive seen it does look like its going to be) Im just saying that GW’s B2P gives it a strong advantage over SW.

    To buy GW2 and play it for 3 months and decide if I like it or not will cost me £35.00

    To do SW is going to cost me £35.00 plus another £30.00 (£10 per month … ish). Thats a big difference, to justify that it has to offer something new and exciting – so far it hasn’t unless Ive missed something.

    Lots of people, including myself are more likely to take a punt on GW than SW if they hit the stores at around the same time.

  12. Ashlotte = fanboi

    The game is a shameless replica of wow tbh :L but with sw-ness painted over it, there are already many sw games and it does nothing to advance the genre unlike gw2.

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