TERA Going Free-to-Play to Western Audiences

Following in the footsteps of Bluehole Studios, En Masse Entertainment announced early today that TERA players will have a subscription-free option heading their way. The action-oriented MMORPG announced that it’d be transitioning to F2P in Korea and Japan just days ahead of the New Year.

Sticking with what is now a tradition of business model changes, TERA will be coming in three flavors: Founder, Elite and Standard. Elite will retain the current access as today’s subscription option, complete with the $14.99 monthly price point. Founder status is obtained by purchasing the game and awards various perks including 8 characters per server and nearly 300 bank slots. Oddly enough, the best account is a Founder that continues with Elite status, gaining the unique perks of both.

The transition will come alongside a new name for the title. The February launch of the F2P version of TERA will be dubbed TERA: Rising. Currently, there’s no more specific date, but there is an official trailer available after the cut.

Other questions? Head to the official F2P FAQ.