TERA Open Beta Launches in a Few Hours

Today kicks off the start of TERA’s open beta testing phase, with players who pre-purchased the game getting first crack at it. ┬áThe open beta event begins in a little over three hours from the time of this post or at 3:00 pm EST.

For those who have not pre-purchased they game, they can participate in the open beta starting tomorrow at the same time and the event will last until Monday the 23rd to 3:00pm EST.

What makes this open beta event different from all the rest is that there will be no character whips afterward, so in essence this is the unofficial head-start for everyone. Players are however limited to level 38 for the beta until the game launches on April 28th in the head-start event, then on May 1st for everyone else.

See you on the battle field.

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