The B Team: Proof Of Concept Episode 0.2

Today brings us the second part of the proof of concept for The B Team (first installment).  It records <The B Team> running through the middle section of Wailing Caverns, just before Skum.  Again, it’s proof of concept, so bare with the letterboxing, erratic cuts and things of that nature.  The video was created to see if our goal was possible.  We had many other ideas in mind to better organize, edit and develop the series.  Assuming there is interest, we hope to fulfill those desires.

The last, and final, Proof of Concept video will be available next week.

How do you like the series at its most basic?


  1. It is looking pretty sweet, although it is pretty strange seeing Juggy playing a rogue I think we need some shammy action Juggy. I really lie them though keep up the good work.

  2. @Raven

    That was another aspect of the B Team concept, we’d all be playing classes we did not know. It causes some hilarious bickering.

  3. im totally digging this whole site setup. In my owne opinion you guys are doing a terrific job! You took all the goods of Project Lore and got rid of the BS. Im glad that you guys didnt fall off the face of the earth like the old PL guys did.

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