Turbine Details DDO Update 5 – Rise of the Guilds

Turbine Entertainment sent me a polite e-mail a few moments ago.  It contained a quiet reminder that Update 5, better known as Rise of the Guilds, for Dungeon & Dragons Online is only a few weeks away!  The latest update for the F2P gem will be going live shortly after E3 2010 (where we expect to get a taste of the new goodies) on June 28.

As the title suggests, the upcoming patch focuses heavily on guilds.  Players, and all of our buddies, will be able to earn Guild Renown during our adventures.  In conjunction with renown, basically guild XP, members will be able to polish guild trophies that are looted from monsters and treasure chests.  “Levels, power, and treasure,” do we need much more incentive to join a guild?

Turbine thought so, so Guild Airships (guild housing) are going live.  Members can decorate their Skies of Arcadia-esque crafts with special gear, decorations and amenities ranging from taverns to auctioneers.

No update would be complete without a new adventure pack, and Update 5 does not disappoint.  The new adventure pack, “Carnival of Shadow,” even correlates to the guild focus of Rise of the Guilds.  Assuming carnies can be considered a guild.  The adventure pack brings four new dungeons.  We’ll have David and Goliath scenarios, secret societies and circus freaks to entertain us.

Last but not least, the usual round of bug fixes, balance tweaks and optimizations.  Many classes are receiving additional spells, feats or enhancements and rogues get to make new traps!

I guess it’s about time to make the LoreHound guild for our DDO sessions.  What to call it…

Read the full details here.


  1. While I don’t play DDO, the guild ships or whatever are definitly reminicent of the Starjammers expansion for AD&D 2nd Ed.

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