The B Team: Proof Of Concept Episode 0.3

Today brings us the third, and final, part of the proof of concept for The B Team (first and second installment).  It records <The B Team> running through the final areas of Wailing Caverns, culminating in the most epic dungeon pose in the history of World of Warcraft.

Again, it’s proof of concept, so bare with the letterboxing, erratic cuts and things of that nature.  The video was created to see if our goal was possible.  We had many other ideas in mind to better organize, edit and develop the series.  Assuming there is interest, we hope to fulfill those desires.

Please, let us know how much you liked (or dislike) the show.  Your input and constructive criticism will help make future episodes possible, and likely better.

For instance, should we focus on recanting the lore and quest lines surrounding the instance?  Or would you rather see us awkwardly plow through the dungeon on classes we have no business playing?


  1. i like the B-Team. its a great idea, plowing through instances with classes you have no idea plus being horde. you all should keep it up and make some more.

  2. Hey guys, WELL done. Very well done. Suggestions and comments, you say?

    Voice. I think the first thing y’all should do is invest in some better sound/mic equipment, so that each of you can be at the same level of audio quality.

    Only other thing I’d say would be a bit more time in editing. Especially the cuts between episodes. There’s not much of a gap to switch. Although the fades between fights are well done.

    Again, hoorah. For myself: I watch these (and had watched the Show That Will Not Be Named) for the commentary/camraderie/playing. I don’t watch to learn, I watch to be entertained. You entertained me well, lorehounders.

  3. The only thing I would suggest is editing that’s less obscure, although I’m sure that’s already in mind, yes? Hope you continue on. It was fun watching these and I’d like to see more for sure. :)

  4. I have never seen the disciple guy run around like that before.. I think it happened because your pally was standing in his spot.

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