The Dungeon Master: The Sorcerer Class

In the first Dungeon Master of the year, we are going down the road with one – of two – arcane masters in the D&D Eberron universe that DDO is situated in. I am, of course, talking about the Sorcerer class.

Lore Bites: The Sorcerer is in many ways the same as the Wizard class. The biggest difference between the two is that where the Wizard learns his spells via study, the Sorcerer is born with the arcane powers inside themselves. This power usually comes out at an early age, and is uncontrollable by the young child.

After becoming older, and getting taught by another Sorcerer, they learn the power to harness their arcane power that is inside them. When they gain more experience in their life, and hone their skill with magic, they eventually develop more strong arcane powers; eventually becoming able to throw around the fiercest of spells. On a side note, even though the Sorcerer doesn’t have to study, this comes with a side effect – mainly, they have a less overall number of spells than a Wizard at their disposal.

If the player wants a class that does butt loads of damage, the Sorcerer is a great one to go to; the damage potential a Sorcerer has is really incredible. From the start it is a good idea to choose one elemental path, out of the total four, as this will give the player an incredible edge from the start.

“Why?” I hear people ask.  I will explain.

After the player gains a couple of enhancement points, the player is given the choice to divide them into one (at the start) elemental path, making the spells that are cast in that elemental path, stronger. The Sorcerer also gets more spell points than a Wizard does, but has less spells in the end as the Wizard writes the spells in his book, and a Sorcerer doesn’t (which one is the good student?).

There is a down side on the Sorcerer, and that is the same problem it faces in the D&D tabletop: after the player has depleted their spell points, the spells stop flying around, and that can make it hard for the player to do dungeons – unless he takes along a melee fighting class, but then again, isn’t the point of a MMO to play together?

For the last part, as a race, the Drow is possibly the best choice the player can make to play a Sorcerer, as they gain a bonus to Charisma – the one stat a Sorcerer needs for his casting abilities. If the player doesn’t have the money to buy the Drow race, or they haven’t unlocked it for his server, the best bet the player can go for is the Human race for bonus feats and balanced racial stats (ie. neutral ones).