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Browsing around YouTube today, I stumbled upon a little show called The Guild. The show is based on a group of online friends that game together in the same MMORPG guild. Currently there are 4 episodes with a new episode added at the beginning of each month and between 3-5 mins long.

With all the mainstream coverage over the last year for MMORPG games (South Park WOW episode, Toyota WOW Commercial), it wasn’t long before a show was made based around MMORPG’s, even if it is just on YouTube. The show has a solid following, the last two episodes each have had 380,000+ views with the first episode nearing a million. So it makes you wonder why a show like this can’t make it to TV. The show was the creation of Felicia Day an actress you might have recognized from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Ok, if your a girl you might have recognized her from Buffy. Felicia took the project and shopped it around Hollywood, who politely declined. However Felicia didn’t take no for an answer. Felicia and partners funded the pilot episode and posted it on YouTube. Gamers responded by not only watching but by donating cash for future episodes via a donate Paypal link.

After watching all four episodes I’m ready for more. I mean common anyone watch The Big Bang Theory? Its horrible and as stereotypical as you can get. The Guild on the other hand is witty, humorous and portrays gamers from all walks of life. A definite triumph!

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  1. “Ok, if your a girl you might have recognized her from Buffy.”

    LOL, I resent that! I’m a dude who was hopelessly addicted to Buffy/Angel and I have a relatively normal relationship and social life! :P Well, you know… except that I also play MMORPGS!

    The Guild is the only show I religiously visit YouTube for.

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