The Heart of the Swarm Lacked the Subject

Only partially towards human norms.

I’m only just beginning Legacy of the Void. You’ll recall that I shirked away from the Zerg campaign because, well, it sucked. It was very bad. Not only the campaign itself, but the additional gameplay elements that came with it. Evolution Missions were minute long distraction, Brutal difficulty was laughable after a few early missions due to leveling and the story. Oh so bad. What early Protoss battles have taught me – aside from how badly the EZMode zerg campaign was detrimental to my skills – is that Heart of the Swarm was rock bottom.

The epitome of detritus was a particular campaign dubbed “With Friends like These.” The setup was simple, convince Wings of Liberty heart throb Mira Han to help the Hyperion once again. She balks at the idea, so we, fellow human beings, decide the only repercussion is wholesale murder. Borderline genocide really. Why? Simply because we required one of their prisoners to hack a Dominion server. Let’s kill everyone in the way.

It’s almost comical in its vapid distraction. Nameless people are in Kerrigan’s way to Raynor. Kerrigan, Matt Horner and co. ignore all that killing their way to the prisoner to get one bloody step closer to freeing Raynor. Juxtapose this with the introductory mission for the Protoss. A mission that sees the intelligent beings sidestep any purple biomass at their own cost to forgo unnecessary bloodshed of any color. Oddly enough, Kerrigan, now back as the Queen of Blades, acknowledges the Hitler-Stalin sure-to-be-temporary peace treaty.

How was Kerrigan more human as the Queen of Blades Version 2 than she was to her own species as human Kerrigan Version 2?