The Human Avatar of APB

The folks at Realtime Worlds have finally gone off the deep end as they begin the APB Human Avatar experiment. To promote All Points Bulletin‘s character customization system, somewhat amusingly dubbed the “innovative expression suite”, the Human Avatar experiment will see “an average Joe significantly altered in the real world into a San Paro celebrity!” The concept is that a real person, chosen out of two options by community voting, will then have various makeover stages voted on as well, in order to turn out the finished product of an APB character style. Realtime Worlds will then create an in-game character based on this person’s final look.

Despite the fact that this is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard of a games developer doing, or perhaps because of it, I can definitely see this becoming a popular event. However, I have to wonder if the “average Joe” (side note: the two people available for voting in as the Human Avatar are a dancer and a free runner respectively, not quite average per se) will end up being made to look deliberately insane or ridiculous as a kind of proxy punching bag for a vindictive community. That said, how would that style really differ from the average APB character anyway?

To vote for yourself for which human guinea pig will win the honor of being humiliated on the internet, visit the Human Avatar site.