Warhammer Online: GOA to Mythic Transition Complete

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Upload complete!

BioWare Mythic has just announced that the transition for all Warhammer Online character and guild data from GOA servers in Europe to their new home servers at Mythic (US) has been completed.

The new servers are exact copies of the previous GOA servers from June 29, 2010.

European players of Warhammer Online¬†will access their account centers now through the main Mythic Accounts website using a “_EUR” suffix, and will also be catered to by a boost in French and German foreign language customer server representatives.


  1. i cant log in warhammer i am a member but the monthly pay is not ran out. I have not forgot my password and i put my login name in right and the password is in right but i still cant get in. can someone plz tell me what i need to do. plz get back to me

  2. If you are an existing player from Europe I believe you can access your account by going to: https://accounts.eamythic.com/. Once you are there, type in your master account name and at the end of it add the “_EUR” suffix. For example, if your login was “RHollingdale”, your new login would be “RHollingDale_EUR” with the same password.

    Hope this helps. If it doesn’t you may want to contact Warhammer Online customer support.

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