The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Announced

Turbine has recently announced Volume II of Lord of the Rings Online, the first retail expansion called Mines of Moria, which is expected to be release sometime this fall. Some big changes are heading for LOTRO including a raise in the level cap to 60, two new classes, called the Warden and Rune-keeper and a new item advancement feature which will allow players to craft legendary items that will level up just like players. For instance Sting, Bilbo’s dagger that he gave to Frodo, would be a legendary item.

Aside from the two new classes, all classes will receive new traits, skills, virtues and class quests. There will also be 6 new books added to the epic storyline which will take the player through 3 new regions, Lorien, Moria and another that has not yet been named.

Lord of the Rings Online executive producer Jeffrey Steefel has stated that the Mines of Moria will be one single continuous underground world, not broken up into different regions or instances. Which is very cool, maybe you’ll be able to hear the banging on the drums as your walking through. Players will also get the chance to do battle with the Balrog that took our Gandalf in the first book of LOTR.

All of this sounds great, but nothing has been mentioned of the PvP region and if any changes are planned for it. I would hope that they continue to improve this aspect of the game as there are many PvP fans in LOTRO.

We also have some concept art provided by Turbine.

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