The Lore Hound Audio Podcast: Episode 1


Join all of the Lore Hound regulars with this inaugural podcast! We’ll discuss what we’ve been playing, WoW’s Patch 3.3.3, and some other MMO news from games such as Champions Online and Star Trek Online. We also have a few rumors about Nintendo’s newest handheld, the 3DS. Click the player above to listen, download the podcast, or subscribe via RSS, and let us know what you think!


  1. Glad to see everything moving along. Now as long as I don’t have to watch anyone doing daily quests, then I’m happy (though I’d probably still watch anyway).
    /thumbs up

  2. You can expect to see a variety of different video content on the site as it moves along. :) I think part of the problem with that *other* site was that it sort of pigeonholed itself into a particular format, and when it broke from that, things seemed a little less exciting. We’re a little more free-form here at Lore Hound, focusing on the games we are playing and the way we are playing with them. Sometimes we might focus on guides, sometimes it might be on game-related merchandise (as iTZKooPA has already demonstrated), reports from cons, previews or partial play-throughs. And when the time and resources are there, we might even do our best to mimic that good old dungeon-running format! We’ll also always be supplementing our video content with podcasts and regular news stories/articles on topics that interest us, but the bottom line is to keep content flowing. Do stay tuned!

  3. Just curious if you would be posting podcasts and vidcasts via itunes. It’s how I first found out about the other site, and would be nice to just add Lore Hound to my cue.

  4. Podcasts, yes. Vidcasts… maybe. I’m not sure what we have in store for that right now, but we are using for most of our custom content at this point.

  5. loving the new site! so glad to see ya’ll are back with a fresh start, fresh face and a question..does Juggynaut REALLY look like a speaker on a table? lol

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