PAX East 2010: Free Wireless – The Hard Way

My hotel is fickle about the release of the Internets.  First off, there is no free wired access, something many hotels “feature.”  There is wireless, but it’s far from reasonable, and it likely sucks.  At $13 a day I said “nowai” and decided to grab access to the tubes the fun way, by being a gigantic nerd.

Here’s what’s going on in the above picture.  My desktop is tethered to a hacked iPhone, not the most impressive feat.  Said iPhone is then connected to a switch, that I had the forward thinking to bring, which links up not one, but two netbooks to the world wide web.

The command center, along with help from those hounds back home, will be delivering you all of the goodies of PAX East with none of the hassle or traveling.