The Old Republic: Mandalorian Wars

This week, Star Wars: The Old Republic has revealed the latest in their series of chronologies, the Mandalorian Wars.

Oft overlooked by many a historian and scholar, the Mandalorian Wars have been a subject of much controversy – and mystery – to those who lived to see it’s end. In tradition, the Mandalorians and their leader, Mandalore, establish absolute dominance over the galaxy by defeating their closest rivals. Following the ways of his ancestors, Mandalore the Ultimate challenged the Republic and their Jedi defenders to meet him in battle and decide the fate of their generation. The Jedi would not be provoked into a seemingly irrational battle of egos, and sought to reach an alternate end to the bloodshed.

Though, as it is known, a rift formed in the Jedi Order, and two resilient young Knights stepped forth to assist the Republic. They were known as Revan and Malak. Coupled with the likes of Carth Onasi and Republic fleet, the two young Jedi turned the tide of battle and eventually won the war itself.¬†However, a “historical” investigation launched by Jedi Master Gnost-Dural has revealed implications of subtle dark side influences throughout the Mandalorian War. Read up on the full story, among other things, at the official site.